Circle Movement is a non-profit based on the Central Coast of NSW, bringing together everyday women who are inspired and empowered to make the world a better place. Their upcoming rally called She The Change features celebrity guest speakers, entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers with a heart-focused project and an important message for the globe.

As most love stories start these days, I met Circle Movement on Instagram. By that I mean, I stalked them incessantly for about twelve months before reaching out and asking the lovely ladies – Adelle, Kristy and Rach – for an interview.

On a ridiculously warm day for the middle of winter, we met over coffee at Ark Café (owned by Adelle and her family) at beautiful Norah Head on the Central Coast between Sydney and Newcastle, and we could have chatted for hours longer than our schedules allowed. These three are as passionate about making the world a better place as I am, and between us we have no shortage of ideas as to how to make that happen.

In fact, changing the world is what their upcoming event is all about. She The Change will be held at Avoca Beach cinema on Saturday 2 September. It's for women who want to rattle cages, do things differently, inspire each other and work together, with guest speakers such as Jules Sebastian, Louisa Hope (Sydney siege survivor), Bella Ann Towers, and many other kick-arse ladies (including yours truly... yay!).

I guess I should backtrack… Circle Movement is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together women from all walks of life and empower them to take little, conscious steps toward global change. Through inspirational events, workshops, rallies, fundraisers, book clubs and more, Circle Movement connects “ordinary everyday” women who seriously care about this planet we call home.

“We believe every woman has the power to create positive change in her world. We are all ‘movers’ in our own unique way.”

The very first event was organized by Adelle and Kristy five years ago, after they had read the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, and were inspired to do something – anything – to contribute to helping the water crisis in impoverished countries. So they held a ‘Women Walk 4 Water’ event on the coast, where people from all over came to join, donate and learn more. From there, everything snowballed and they now have an eco-conscious, ethical fashion range, an inspirational online book club, clothing swaps and the upcoming She The Change rally.

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What’s the main message behind what you do?
“She” the change you wish to see in the world. YOU are that someone. Instead of wishing [insert blank] was different in the world... be that difference!

Tell me about the process from idea to creation…

It’s been hard work. We've had countless ideas that never get off the ground but that's okay, because sometimes the process is just as valuable as the outcome. We've had loads of ideas that have flopped. And we've had a number that are executed the way we've dreamed.

For us, it's all about planning well ahead; we have eight kids between the three of us so we need to be organized. Lots of Facebook group conversations at weird hours, litres of coffee, sleepless nights, anxiety, hustling and prayer.

Adelle, Rach and Kristy - powerhouse ladies on a mission to change the world!

Adelle, Rach and Kristy - powerhouse ladies on a mission to change the world!

What inspired you to want to start a movement like this?

The early days were very organic. Our first event (which was meant to be a one-off) was a huge success and those who attended loved it and wanted more. Many were so excited to finally be connected with other woman who had the same passions and drive as themselves to be the change makers.

Tell me about the upcoming She The Change rally…

We're assembling the dreamers, doers, creatives, founders of good, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, change-makers, advocates and downright curious women to ignite conversation around making a difference in the world.

At She The Change, you'll glean from the most kick-ass and challenging speakers around. We've jam-packed this one-day program with loads of inspiration, entertainment, delicious treats and a few surprises. Plus, you'll have time to network with other inspired like-minded women at our evening pre-party.

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What does the future of The Circle Movement look like?

We are growing the social enterprise side of Circle, developing our ethical fashion brand and hopefully encouraging more women to 'She the Change'.

Tell me about your dream for an ideal society/country/planet…

People become more aware and more conscious of the role they have to play in making the world a better place.

When you’re not working on The Circle Movement, what does life look like?

Rach: Working on my latest social enterprise 'The Posy Project'. Trying to entertain my family with renditions of 80s music classics, eating my fair share of fair trade chocolate, checking out the latest social change initiatives online, and of course watching my two young daughters grow up way too fast!

Adelle: I’m a mum and a wife firstly. Currently managing my business alongside my husband - ‘The Ark Café’ and the charitable side of this ‘Welcome to Paradise Foundation’. We are partnering with charities in Madagascar, Nepal, South Sudan and Central Coast. For sanity reasons, I swim and attend boot camp most days as well as running.

Kristy: Mumming generally - lunches, WeetBix on the collar, play dates. When I get 'me time' it's designing, aqua camp, yoga, cooking and swimming.

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What does COOL mean to you?

Something that makes you do a double take. It grabs your attention, elevates your understanding and brings value to the world.

Who is the coolest person you know?
Sounds corny, but these girls. Otherwise Oprah… I don't officially 'know' her but a girl can dream.

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