“In the past twelve months I’ve fully embraced my true self. I’m finally comfortable in my skin and I’m owning it. I always felt like the “weird chick” growing up, but fuck it. Here I am.”

Look out Newie, this chick’s back in town and she’s about to make your life more awesome. After a few years carving up the TV world in Sydney, Renee Wilkinson has moved back to her roots and is living a life full of purpose and power to the people.

Renee is a kinesiologist, intuitive reader and meditation guide. She initially trained in the natural therapy of kinesiology almost a decade ago and did one-on-one sessions around Newcastle alongside part-time work. Then life happened and the big smoke was calling, where Renee got sucked into the vortex of “TV land”, initially working as a runner for Home and Away then as a script supervisor on a variety of TV dramas.

“TV was where I felt normal and part of a crowd. I got distracted by the money, the parties, the cool people. I eventually realised it wasn’t very fulfilling. For me, it was top layer. I realised I couldn’t pretend to be anyone else anymore.”

Now, Renee is working full time on her true calling. She does mobile kinesiology sessions, intuitive readings at Reflections Within in Belmont, teaches weekly meditation classes at Two Feet Yoga in Merewether, and runs workshops on manifesting. Once she closed the door on TV and said hello to her true self, life started flowing.

I recently went to one of Renee’s popular manifestation workshops and I’m happy to say that she taught me how to manifest a mansion by the sea and a total dreamboat man-friend. (I’m kidding. That’s not what it’s about… but I wouldn’t say no to the house, just sayin’.)

Ok, after ten years of kinesiology sessions, I still can’t describe what it is. Please help.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy, which utilises muscle testing (applying gentle pressure to a muscle, usually in your forearm) to provide bio-feedback. It’s a way of getting an indicator from your body about what is going on beneath the surface level. If you imagine your body is an electric circuit, if there’s something stressing you out physically or emotionally, the circuit is broken, so there’s no power going to the muscle and the muscle switches off. This is the physical indicator that something needs work.

If people are freaked out by kinesiology or alternative therapy, what would you tell them?

It’s all you and your body, I’m not uncovering any deep dark secrets! I’m honestly just a facilitator to help you listen to your body better. Often, with all the things going on around us, we just don’t listen to our bodies.

What do people learn in the manifesting workshops?

It’s a really simple, easy, practical way of breaking down the concept of manifesting. I basically teach how you can create an awesome life and feel amazing all the time without having to rely on external validation to create those good feelings inside of you.

Renee Wilkinson is a Newcastle-based kinesiologist, intuitive reader and meditation guide.


If I said… teach me how to manifest my dream man… what would you say to me?

I would say that you need to find the feeling behind what you want to manifest. It’s not about the man, it’s about why you want it. What feeling are you looking for… do you want to feel loved, excited, whole? What do you want to feel that you think that perfect man will give you? It’s about using the techniques in the workshop to focus on the feeling and manifesting that in your life. Then you start seeing it pop up in different ways.

So it’s like the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy, when you’re feeling down and depressed, you only tend to focus on all the negative…

Exactly. The feeling comes first and then your mind tries to prove that feeling. Your mind wants everything to be real and correct. If you’re sitting there going ‘everything’s shit, life sucks, I’m worthless’, your mind goes out of its way to prove it to you. If you flip it and say ‘I feel great, I’m so loved, opportunities come my way’, your mind tries to prove it to you, and you start to see what makes you feel good. It’s simple!

Totally. When I’m in a dark hole, I don’t really feel like saying ‘everything’s amazing!’, so what would be your advice for crawling out of the hole?

My first step is always acknowledging that dark times exist and we don’t stay happy all the time, it’s a fact of life. Being okay with the fact that I feel shit, because I’m allowed. Then for me, when I feel shit, I recognise that something is out of alignment. There’s something I’ve done or chosen or said that has pushed me off my path. It sounds weird, but then I say ‘Thank you for showing me something is off.’ I take a step back and reassess where I’m at. Sometimes, rather than getting lost down the rabbit hole of analysing myself, I reach out to someone who can see the brain muck more clearly. A psychologist, good friend, parents, my dog!

Yeah, we can’t always see what’s right in front of us. I’m a brilliant life coach for other people, just not myself! 


How do you live your truth in your daily life, to practise what you preach?

First of all, I aim to meditate every morning, even if it’s for 5 or 10 minutes. It’s a leveller, starting off on a solid base. I check in with my thoughts and figure out what I need to change. It’s unique and personal to everyone, but for me meditation is stillness. I enjoy sitting and breathing and using a visualisation process to feel like I’m expanding and connecting to the energy around me. During the day, I’m constantly checking in with myself to make sure I’m present and not unconsciously taking actions that aren’t aligned with my flow.

What does the future of Renee look like?

 Effing exciting! I’m going to Thailand in a few months to do my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I’ve got another manifestation workshop coming up in Newcastle and Sydney, and I’m currently recording my meditations so that they’re available for people on my website. The end goal is always just to create space for people to live easier, happier lives and help them move through the yucky stuff.

Do you like what you hear? The next manifestation workshop is on Saturday 2 April at Twine Yoga in Adamstown. Tickets are available at Also! Every full moon, Renee will be down at Bar Beach running a free meditation session. Everyone welcome… look for the Turkish rug at sunset and bring your crystals to charge those bad boys up. More details on Renee’s Instagram @renee_wilkinson

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