Max Jackson is a sparkly unicorn of a human who is basically the colour pink, personified. We met at the 2017 She The Change rally, where we were both asked to share snippets of our personal stories for a crowd of women wanting to make a difference in the world.

Max spoke about her experience of bullying during her school years, and why it has inspired her to connect with girls and young women, empowering them to shine their light and be the best version of themselves, unequivocally comfortable in their own unique skin. She performed a few beautiful original songs and I’m not going to lie, there may or may not have been tears rolling down my cheeks. Finding that inner peace and confidence has been a journey for Max herself and she spoke candidly about it on stage, and during our coffee date a few weeks later.

“Newcastle is so rich with musical history; it’s so inspiring and I can confidently say that what I'm doing today wouldn't have been possible without this city.”


Deep question first… Who is Max Jackson?

WOAH! What a question... *brain explodes*

I guess this is so hard to answer because I feel like every day is so different. I am just like every girl, whose moods and obsessions change but the one constant in my whole life has been songs... whether I'm writing them, listening to them or singing them. I’m just, way deep down, a song girl (who really loves pink).

When did you first start playing music?

I loved music from such a young age; I absolutely loved to listen to new music and see live shows. So many of my childhood memories feel like they have soundtracks attached depending on what I was listening to at the time.

When we moved to Newcastle 18 years ago, I went through a really hard time adjusting and making friends. I was SO different to the other girls at school. Music became an escape and a best friend to me, a way to express myself. That’s when I started to write songs…

What’s been your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement to date would be my creative team. In particular, my amazing manager, Gem McCormack, my producer Rod McCormack, and mentor Gina Jeffreys. I feel so grateful to be supported in every step I take by other wonderful, talented people. From these relationships and this support, I have been lucky enough to end up in songwriting rooms in Nashville & LA.


What’s the main message behind your music?

I want to show all young people that when you have a dream and you put your WHOLE heart into it, anything is possible. Music is my whole life... I don't have days off and I don't have another side of me that comes out on Sundays. (Editor’s note: Can confirm. Every time I have seen Max in real life, she is glittered up, pinked out, smiling at everyone and everything.) I spend every day working away as hard as I can and I wouldn't have it any other way.


What do you want young girls to know, that you needed to hear when you were younger?

You CAN and WILL do amazing things and you ARE beautiful. My one wish is that all girls can look in the mirror and see their GREATNESS! That’s why I started a YouTube channel too; it is a safe place where I share fun, positive and inspiring videos so I can pass on advice and lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), with a touch of sparkle!

What does the future of Max Jackson look like?

I had the most wonderful 2017. I have just released my first album, a CHRISTMAS ALBUM, yay! I performed at Christmas Carols around Newcastle and the Central Coast. But no rest for the passionate… I am already two songs into another project…

Tell me about your dream for an ideal society/country/planet…

The one word that comes to mind is ‘respect’. I dream that we can respect each other, respect each other’s dreams, respect the beauty, the animals and the earth, and respect ourselves. I live every day in awe of the world and the people around me.


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